1:1 Editing Mentoring $250

Are you tired of second guessing every edit? Do you lack the tools to create the images you see in your mind?

I feel you and I'm here to help!

With more than 15 years experience using Photoshop and a lot of trial and error, I can give you a solid foundation you can build upon. 

"I needed a teacher who was amazing and knowledgeable and actually experienced in the industry to actually want to teach me, cheer me on, give me the inside-scoop, answer in-depth questions in every minute detail and more. I needed a teacher to actually teach me the craft not just the steps. I didn't just want to learn the shortcuts, I wanted to be on my way to mastery."



Here's what you can expect at a glance:

  • First you will complete and submit the TBR editing questionnaire and contract and pay your invoice.

  • Next you will send me 5 of YOUR images via Dropbox (RAW format) which I will critique and demonstrate my editing techniques on. You will receive a video recording of this process approximately 1 week after submission.

  • Then, you will practice these techniques and make a list of questions you would to discuss during our 1:1 live session.

  • Finally, we will schedule a live 1 hour online follow-up session where we will edit together answering your questions as we go. Must be scheduled with-in 2 weeks of orginal submission.

"I first creeped on her website and social media and immediately realized how insanely experienced she was. Talent galore...She is incredibly patient and an open book. Very hands on and creative. Her guidance before, during, and even after the actual mentoring session is continuous..."