A Newborn Session ~ The Charming Mr. Coen

Here is an example of what you can expect from a newborn session with The Baby Road. Mr. Coen was so charming and yes I can tell that at just 9 days of age because I was charmed to the max! 😉 And so will you be when you are finished drooling over these sweet images of him!

Roseburg Oregon Newborn Boy Portraits

Newborn Boy PortraitsRoseburg Oregon Newborn Boy Portraits_0110We work so hard to get them to sleep, but I am always so glad when we get a glimpse of those precious eyes! And so is Mom, they always choose the open eyes ones 😉Roseburg Oregon Newborn Boy Portraits_0111Roseburg Oregon Newborn Boy PortraitsSee! Charming! LOVE those sweet smiles!Roseburg Oregon Newborn Boy Portraits_0116Roseburg Oregon Newborn Boy Portraits_0117Roseburg Oregon Newborn Boy Portraits_0113


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